Doctorate Studies

The Department of Psychology, in all of its areas, encourages doctoral studies and makes an effort to provide optimal conditions for the execution of serious research by its students.

Since 1995, over 100 doctoral theses have been completed in the department (>70% of them were completed by women).  For a list of all the theses written during these years, and the names of ongoing PhD students and their work, click here (in Hebrew).


A New PhD Track for Outstanding Students


The  goal of this new and exciting track is to produce interdisciplinary scholars, qualified to enter top positions in academia as well as in industry and the public sector, in fields that require a scientific, quantitative, and critical approach to issues involving human behavior, broadly defined.

The track is open to students who completed their Bachelor's or Master's degree in psychology or related fields.

The track includes:

  • An innovative, inter-disciplinary program of studies that integrates diverse fields of psychology, including cognitive, social, developmental, and clinical psychology, psychobiology and neuroscience.
  • A broad and thorough training in both theory, statistics and methods.
  • Guaranteed financial support of 72,000- to 78,000 for a period of up to 5 years.
  • Personal and group-based mentoring of each student, encouraging participation in conferences, internships outside the university and preparing for the future career directions.
  • Teaching experience.

Terms of acceptance:

An individual may apply for doctoral studies, and the track acceptance will be based on the following:

  • Two research recommendations
  • Scientific writing example (for example, a seminar submitted during previous studies or a scientific paper)
  • A letter describing scientific intentions (up to 800 words)
  • Excellent grades on previous degrees (BA and if possible, MA)

Application process:

The decision to accept candidates for doctoral studies is within the purview of a special doctoral committee. The acceptance committee will interview candidates in a concentrated day, in which students will have an opportunity to tour and appreciate the psychology department, meet with various faculty members and explore our labs. Decisions will be based on the materials of the application and the interviews.


Zahav Program


Required papers for application:

  1. Application formScientific intention declaration (up to 800 words), which includes an overview of the candidate’s research background and direction for future research
  2. Grade sheets from BA and from MA, if exist.
  3. A copy of a written seminar from the BA, or the thesis from the MA.
  4. References: all candidates  will supply 2 recommendations.
  5. Priority will be given to students who found an adviser from the department, and will submit a letter of support.

Before acceptance to the program students must find an advisor from our core faculty members, and obtain her/his consent and support.

All papers must be uploaded here

Last deadline submission: March 15, 2021


If you are interested in applying for the PhD track, note that the Authority for Research Students has recently revised the application and admission processes. 

Admission to the PhD track in the Department of Psychology required both the approval of the department and the approval of the Authority for Research Students. 

The Department of Psychology requires that the candidate be accepted to one of the following doctoral tracks: 


The Ph.D. track at the Department of Psychology is intended for students who finished their M.A. studies (including an M.A. thesis). Before applying to the Authority for Research Students, candidates in this track must find an advisor from among the senior faculty of the department and formulate a topic for the Ph.D. thesis, with the advisor’s approval. 

The Authority for Research Students will transfer the candidate’s request for review by the Doctorate Committee of the department. The committee will make the final decision regarding admission. The committee assigns considerabe weight to the candidate’s research excellence. Successful completion of an M.A. thesis does not guarantee acceptance into the doctoral track.

The committee's decision will be sent by the Authority for Research Students. 


Notes regarding acceptance to the Ph.D. program:
· In exceptional cases, the committee will discuss candidates who have not completely fulfilled all of the requirements.

· A student who does not submit a proposal on time will leave the direct track and complete his or her studies as a Masters student.





Students who are accepted to any of the tracks should finish all of the M.A. courses/seminars and register in the Authority for Research Students (in coordination with the department office).

During the doctoral studies, students should fulfill all of the study requirements of a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Social Sciences (12 credits).

Every year, two Seminar for Doctoral Students (51922/3) are held. The seminar is designed for doctoral students who are writing their proposals. In the framework of the seminar, each student will present his research topic and will receive feedback from the other students. Additionally, common problems of students in this stage of their studies will be discussed in the seminar. Participation in this seminar is required during the year the student writes his proposal.

The Ph.D. tracks in the department are research tracks. Therefore, the course "Advanced Research Methods” (51895) is a required course, which the students would have to take towards their doctoral studies.

With the approval of the proposal and the completion of the M.A. requirements, a student may receive approval of completing his M.A. requirements (in coordination with the department office) and may register in the Psychologists Register.

For additional details concerning requirements during the course of the doctoral studies or submitting a thesis proposal, look at the Authority for Research Students' website.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that doctoral students will be invited to the department's seminars. Furthermore, they will receive notifications from the department's Student's Office regarding scholarships and research budgets offered by the university and other bodies.




Approval for ethical research will be required from the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Social Sciences for studies including questionnaires, interviews, field observations, conversations, experiments, and material collected form forums.

For additional information about these approvals, please the faculty website (in Hebrew).


In addition, researchers, teachers, MA students, and doctoral students whose research includes human subjects are required to obtain a certificatewhich certifies they have passed an ethics training program. The ethics committees will not approve the requests of researchers for research grants or for student research without such a certificate.

For the ethics training program, please see the website of the Authority for Research and Development.