Students who are accepted to any of the tracks should finish all of the M.A. courses/seminars and register in the Authority for Research Students (in coordination with the department office).

During the doctoral studies, students should fulfill all of the study requirements of a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Social Sciences (12 credits).

Every year, two Seminar for Doctoral Students (51922/3) are held. The seminar is designed for doctoral students who are writing their proposals. In the framework of the seminar, each student will present his research topic and will receive feedback from the other students. Additionally, common problems of students in this stage of their studies will be discussed in the seminar. Participation in this seminar is required during the year the student writes his proposal.

The Ph.D. tracks in the department are research tracks. Therefore, the course "Advanced Research Methods” (51895) is a required course, which the students would have to take towards their doctoral studies.

With the approval of the proposal and the completion of the M.A. requirements, a student may receive approval of completing his M.A. requirements (in coordination with the department office) and may register in the Psychologists Register.

For additional details concerning requirements during the course of the doctoral studies or submitting a thesis proposal, look at the Authority for Research Students' website.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that doctoral students will be invited to the department's seminars. Furthermore, they will receive notifications from the department's Student's Office regarding scholarships and research budgets offered by the university and other bodies.