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Freud Center

Levin Center

The Center was established in 1982 by Vivian and Martin Levin, friends of the Hebrew University.
The Levin Center for the normal and psychopathological development of the child and adolescent offers a number of scholarships:

  • Scholarships to support students doing research in the field of infant, child, and adolescent development
  • Scholarships for travelling to international conferences for the purpose of presenting research in the fields of normal and development of infants, children, and adolescents. The scholarships are for up to $1,000.
  • Financial support for professional conferences organized by the faculty of the Hebrew University for up to $5,000

Requests for scholarships are to be sent in two copies:
A hard copy to be submitted either to the mailbox of the Levin Center, adjacent to the office of the administrative secretary of the department of psychology, or mailed to Prof. Ariel Knafo, Levin Center, the Department of Psychology, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91905.

An electronic copy to be sent to the e-mail of the center at


Scheinfeld Center

The Scheinfeld Center for Human Genetics in the Social Sciences is devoted to the research and teaching of human behavior genetics. The center is run by Dr. Salomon Israel, head of the Biology of Social Behavior Lab and a member of the Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC) and the Autism Center of the Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical Center.
Research done at the Scheinfeld Center is interdisciplinary, and combines personality, social, cognitive and neuro-psychology with techniques of molecular genetics.
The center operates a genetic laboratory, equipped with advance genotyping instrumentation (Step One Plus Real-Time PCR, Thermo-Fisher Scientific). Genetic studies performed in the lab include genotyping of genetic variants and quantification of gene expression levels. By combining these tests, which capture genetic individual differences, with data from social behavioral paradigms, we examine the association between genes and behavior.  In addition, the Center emphasizes applying the knowledge provided by the completion of the Human Genome Project towards a molecular understanding of the role of genes in partially contributing to all facets of human behavior.
Current research projects include: Molecular genetic studies of normal personality, autism and borderline personality disorder, and the role of genetic variation along the oxytocin-vasopressin pathway in contributing to individual differences in human social behavior.


An important function of the Scheinfeld center is to serve as the platform for teaching human behavioral genetics. The Center sponsors courses and seminars oriented toward students of social science and the humanities (Mt. Scopus). The Center also attracts students from the Faculty of Life Sciences (Givat Ram) and the Faculty of medicine (Hadassah Medical Center).  Commencing with the Fall semester 2016 the following courses will be offered by Dr. Israel in the framework of the Psychology Department:

  • Personality
  • The nature and nurture of social behavior
  • Human altruism (graduate level seminar)
  • The neuroendocrinology of social stress and social behavior (graduate level seminar)

Sturman Center

The Sturman Center for Human Development, in cooperation with the Department of
Psychology, fosters the study of the intellectual, emotional, social and physiological aspects of
the development of individuals.
The Sturman Center supports doctoral students presenting their work at international meetings,
allocates an annual scholarship for an excellent graduate student in psychology, and provides
small research grants to researchers of the Department of Psychology who got into a temporary
need that impedes their ability to conduct research. The center is also involved in the general
administration of the department and partly supports administrative assistance.

The Sturman Committee includes:

  • Jonathan Huppert, PhD (Head of the Department)
  • Iftah Yovel, PhD (Director of the Center)
  • Anat Maril, PhD
  • Ruth Mayo, PhD