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Eran Eldar

If you don’t let it in, you don’t have to get it out: Thought preemption as a method to control unwanted thoughts

21 July, 2022

Trying to stop thinking unwanted, often repetitive thoughts is a familiar experience. However, being aware of such attempts implies that the thought has already reached consciousness. Can we preempt an unwanted thought from coming to mind in the first place?

Cognitive bias modification of inferential flexibility

Cognitive bias modification of inferential flexibility

5 July, 2022

Are things not going well right now? Having a bad day?

When people experience a negative life event, they tend to make causal inferences about the event. These inferred causes affect the way people experience events and respond to them. Over time, whereas some people revisit events and rethink about them, shift towards more adaptive inferences, others may stay stuck in their initial negative inference.


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Minority salience and the overestimation of individuals from minority groups in perception and memory

29 March, 2022

Our cognitive system is tuned toward spotting the uncommon and unexpected. Prof. Ran Hassin and Dr. Rasha Kardoshת Dr. Alon Goldstein Dr. Asael Sklar and Prof Yoni Pertzov propose that individuals coming from minority groups are, by definition, just that—uncommon and often unexpected. Consequently, they are psychologically salient in perception, memory, and visual awareness.

Mu rhythm suppression over sensorimotor regions is associated with greater empathic accuracy

23 March, 2022

Multiple brain systems are engaged when we try to understand people's emotions, including parts of the sensorimotor cortex associated with motor simulation. Simulation-related brain activity is described as a 'low-level' component of empathy - however its contribution to complex empathic judgments is unclear.

Prof. Eran Halperin

Personal experience with Covid-19 is associated with increased environmental concern and pro-environmental behavioral intentions

21 March, 2022

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity. Yet, people often underestimate this threat and believe that climate change is an issue facing other people in other places. What might amplify environmental concern and motivate essential pro-environmental behavior?