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Prof. Eran Halperin

Protest movements involving limited violence can sometimes be effective: Evidence from the 2020 BlackLivesMatter protests

11 April, 2022

A new Paper by PhD candidate Eric Shuman, Dr. Siwar Hasan Aslih and Prof. Eran Halperin, recently published in PNAS highlights the importance of considering multiple measures of protest effectiveness and suggests that mass protest (including when it mixes nonviolence and violence) can be effective at advancing the movement’s goals.

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Are there positive effects of having a sibling with special needs? Empathy and prosociality of twins of children with non-typical development

6 April, 2022

A new study in Child Development examined whether typically developing (TD) twins of non-TD children demonstrate enhanced empathy and prosociality. Of 778 Hebrew-speaking Israeli families who participated in a twin study, 63 were identified to have a non-TD child with a TD twin, and 404 as having both twins TD. TD twins of non-TD children (27% males) were compared to the rest of the cohort of TD children (46% males) on measures of empathy and prosociality. Participants were 11 years old. TD twins of non-TD children scored significantly higher than TD twins of TD children in a measure of cognitive empathy (d = .43). No differences were found in emotional empathy and prosociality. The specificity of the positive effect on cognitive empathy is discussed.

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