Applied Neuropsycoholgy



Studies in the area last for three years at the end of which students may be accepted to internships in rehabilitation psychology according to the requirements of the Psychology Law in Israel. The applied track combines theoretical aspects and concepts in neuropsychology with clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic-rehabilitative aspects of this discipline. The courses involve brain structure and function and cognitive, emotional and social process connected to the nervous system when functioning normally and in situations of neurological damage. Those studying in the applied area also participate in different diagnostic and treatment courses and gain experience in fieldwork, including a practicum. Moreover, during the course of their studies, students join medical students for a few weeks of learning and clinical experience in the Neurology Department in Hadassah Hospital. 



Instructors in the division

Division Coordinator: Prof. Hillel Aviezer 

Prof. Merav Ahissar 

Prof. Asher Cohen

Prof. Leon Deouell

Prof. Ram Frost 

Prof. Ran Hassin

Prof. Dan Hoofien 

Prof. Anat Maril 

Dr. Ayelet Landau 

Dr. Yoni Pertzov

Dr. Anat Perry

Dr. Tammy Pilowksi-Peleg

Dr. Tal Shany-Ur


Program of study

Studies in the applied track last for three years. The third year is centered on fieldwork (the practicum). All coursework must be completed and students must keep up with the time table of conducting their theses (the section "Thesis” above elaborates upon this), before beginning the fieldwork in the third year. The area reserves the right to not allow students who did not fulfill these conditions to begin their third year.


Required general studies of the first year - 10 credits 

Required courses of the first year - 14 credits 

Required courses of the second year - 18 credits (including experience in Neuropsychology (minipracticum) 0 credits) 

Elective Courses - 4 credits 

Required Courses of the third year – 6 credits: training seminar in Neuropsychology (practicum) 4 credits, Clinical experience in Neurology (held in Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem) 2 credits.

Total: 52 credits

Students who did not take the course "Neuropsychology” (51404) must take the course during their first year - the course will not count as part of the total credits. There is an option to obtain an exemption for students who took relevant courses based on the decision of the head of the program.
Participation in at least one research seminar is required.
Every student must submit one research seminar paper (0 credits).
Every student must write a thesis.


Writing the thesis

For details regarding the thesis, please press here.