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Welcome to the Department of Psychology

The department houses a group of diverse and innovative psychologists who conduct cutting edge research on the nature of the human mind. We study human motivation, emotion, cognition, and social interactions, how these all develop and change over time, the psychological and physiological (neurological, genetic, and biological) bases of them, how people differ in them, how they go awry and what supports their optimal functioning. Our department houses 24 in-house laboratories and a number of "field labs" run by our faculty in other locations. Take a look at our faculty pages to see the many, diverse areas of interest that we cover and read about our discovered in each area.

We are dedicated to training the next generation of psychologists, as well as the greater public, about the science of psychology: how we know what we know and how to think critically about questions related psychological processes. Every year, we train hundreds of undergraduate majors (BA), as well as both applied and research graduate students (MA, PhD).  We are very proud of our graduates, many of whom have gone on to develop successful independent careers, and some have gone on to win prestigious awards (see our awards page).

We invite you to visit our website and come to visit us in the department at Mount Scopus to learn more about who we are, what we do, and the exciting things we offer.