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Welcome to the Department of Psychology website.

The department is a diverse group of psychologists whose cutting edge research is on the nature of human beings: their motivations, behaviors, language, thoughts, emotions, and social interactions, how these all develop and change over time, the psychological and physiological (brain structures, chemistry, and genetics) bases of them, individual differences as well as times they become pathological. Our faculty range from basic to applied researchers. Our department houses 24 in-house laboratories of our researchers and a number of additional "field labs" run by our faculty in other locations. Take a look at our faculty page to see the many, diverse areas of interest that we cover.

We are dedicated to teaching the next generation of psychologists, as well as the greater public, about the science of psychology: how we know what we know and how to think critically about the questions related to the nature of human processes. Every year, we train hundreds of undergrad majors (BA), as well as both applied and research graduate students (MA, PhD).  Many of our graduates have gone on to big things. Indeed, the only psychologist to win a Nobel Prize (Prof. Daniel Kahnemann) did his pioneering work in our department, first as a graduate student with Prof Amos Twersky (z''l) and then as a faculty member. Two other emeritus faculty members were awarded the Israel Prize (Professor Schwartz and Professor Bentin, z''l) in psychology and another won the distinguished Emet Award (Professor Ben Shakhar). 

I hope our website give you a taste of what we do and who we are. If you are interested in more, please feel free to contact us. 


Jonathan Huppert