Table of Contents

Master's Degree (MA)

The M.A Program in Psychology is set to encourage research in the field of Psychology as a scientific area of study. In addition, it provides initial training towards internship in different areas of Clinical Psychology. 
The M.A. Program in Psychology lasts two years, with the exception of the applied neuroscience area, which lasts three years.
Once a year (usually in the months of December or January) we will have an open house for M.A Program candidates, in which descriptions of the different areas of research, study programs and admission processes will be given.

Studies include:

  1. Required courses (a course in research methods that is shared among the different areas of research and different required courses according to the specific area). It is compulsory to complete the required courses in the first year in order to continue to study more advanced courses and to participate in projects in the second year.

  2. Elective courses. Array of courses will be determined by each area in particular.

  3. Seminar paper.

  4. Research proposal for thesis.

  5. Thesis.

  6. Participation in an applied, research or theoretical, practicum that enables acquisition of practical skills. (Participation in a practicum is either required or optional, according to the area).


See further details of the applied material for the different areas of the M.A Program.